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This page last updated : 21st January 2008

Yamakoshi Village




During the spring trips the emphasis is very much on Tosai (one year old koi).  They have been grown on in the fish houses over winter and following final selection by the breeders they are put into the mud ponds for the summer.  Additionally of course there is the opportunity to purchase older koi often at better prices than the Autumn.  If you are looking for high class babies to grow on this is the time of year to buy them


Have you ever dreamt of visiting Japan on a buying trip or perhaps returning to savour the mystique of the mountains another time.  Either way we may be able to help.  

Geoff visits Japan in Spring and Autumn each year accompanied by a group of ardent koi hunters who have the opportunity of visiting some of the worlds most famous breeders on a personal and less commercial basis.  By travelling independently  we are able to deal directly with the breeders (cutting out the middle man) to obtain and import high grade koi at the very best possible prices

At all times Geoff is very willing to help and advise you on your selection and will do whatever he possibly can to locate your requirements


Spring or Autumn the routine is the same - which is an early breakfast and then koi all day, followed by a relaxing evening with a glass of beer (or two!) and plenty of discussion about the days events.



Advanced negotiating tactics


After the summer months spent in the mud ponds all the koi are harvested in October and November and are available for sale (if you can afford them!)  At this time of year the mountains are buzzing and the atmosphere is electric as more and more ponds are harvested and the new koi are eagerly inspected.


Autumn Visit 2005

Roland, Geoff, Michel, Glen, Annette

David and John


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